Top 10 Most Played Casino Games In Bangladesh

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Most Played Casino Games

The popularity of casino games has existed since the days of conventional land-based casinos. Both novice and expert gamers are constantly looking to explore new game genres as a way to challenge their abilities and avoid boredom. These days, there is an enormous selection of casino games at online casinos because of the superior software offered by companies like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Playtech. Online casinos provide thousands of slot and table games at the touch of a button, in contrast to land-based casinos that only offered a small selection. Here we present to you the 21st-century’s most popular online casino games.

Video Slots

A video slot machine typically has a specific theme, like winter, sports, movies, etc. When you increase the stakes, the symbols on the reels in these games spin. In slots, paylines with particular symbol combinations determine the payout. The three special symbols—bonus, scatter, and wild—increase excitement and boost winnings.

In order to complete winning combinations, the wild sign stands in for every other symbol. Wild symbols in certain slots machines may multiply your winnings. While bonus symbols may also activate other bonuses, it is the scatters that primarily initiate the game’s free spins bonus feature.

Online casinos provide hundreds of contemporary 5-7 reel slots in addition to traditional 3-reel slots. To keep players interested, the current versions feature thrilling features like bonus games, sticky/expanding wilds, avalanche reels, megaways to win, and colossal reels.


You have probably seen the roulette wheel that rotates while a ball rolls on it, even if you are not a fan of casino games. In the game of roulette, wagers are made on the location of the ball on the wheel. The dealer spins the wheel to announce the winners after the bets are made on a table.

Both computerized and live versions of the game are accessible. With minor differences in the wheels and kinds of bets allowed, there are three main varieties of roulette games: French roulette, European roulette, and Classic or American roulette. The European roulette wheel contains a single 0 segment, whereas the original roulette wheel has 38 segments, numbered 0-36, with two 0 segments. The background of each part is either black or red.

You don’t always wager on a particular figure. You can wager on a specific set of numbers or on the colors red or black. You can place bets on rows, columns, dozen, etc., for instance. Roulette bets are separated into inner and outer bets based on this.


Now let’s move on to the most played card game. We are certain that if you enjoy gambling, you have heard of the well-liked blackjack or twenty-one game. Two cards are handed to the dealer and each player at the table to begin the game. The object of the game is to beat the dealer by getting as near to twenty-one as you can with the total number of cards in your hand. If you surpass this total, you will either lose the game or bust.

The face cards are all worth ten, while the remaining cards are tallied according to their face values. Depending on what helps the player, a can be worth 1 or 11.

You will utilize techniques such as Stand, Double Down, Hit, Split, or Surrender to signal whether you want to stop or obtain more cards while attempting to raise the total. You can choose which blackjack strategy to utilize when to increase your totals by consulting the comprehensive strategy charts available. The dealer is unable to utilize split or surrender, however they are able to use stand, double down, and hit. In various blackjack games, the dealer has access to varied strategies.

You can place different blackjack bets with different game versions. Among them are Blackjack insurance, Blackjack Switch, Double Attack, and Blackjack.


In this well-known card game, especially in Dhaka, your goal is to outscore your opponents at the table. Depending on the poker variation you are playing, each player is dealt three to five cards. You’ll place a wager on the likelihood that your hand will rank higher than the other players’. If you think your hand is too weak, you can fold, raise the bet, or make a call.

You can play blind, meaning you don’t see the cards, or you can place bets after viewing them. The poker hand ranking tables are pre-set for the particular game you are playing and are based on the face value and suit of the cards.

The highest ranking cards are typically Royal Flush, which are J, Q, and K of the same suit. Straight flush, three or four of a kind, full house, flush (same suit cards), straight (consecutive cards regardless of suit), and so forth are the next highest ranking cards. Popular poker variations include Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Pai Gow.


The goal of this card game, which is comparable to blackjack, is to accumulate a total of nine. In this game, the betting structure is different. Whether the player or the banker wins, or if there is a tie, is the outcome on which you will wager.

Similar to blackjack, you can employ Hit or Stand to increase your total when playing baccarat, a card game with two decks. When you win a player bet, you get paid out 1:1; however, banker bets have a 5% commission and pay out 0.95:1. The tie bet has a large house edge and pays 8:1 or 9:1.

Egalites are side bets offered by some baccarat games where you wager on a tie with a given number, like 2:2 or 5:5.

Additionally, there are live and virtual gaming options for baccarat. Baccarat Live, No Commission Baccarat, and other variations are available.

Live Game Shows

Recently, game show betting has become more popular at online casinos. These games are comparable to live-anchor TV shows. Because live game shows feel engaging, players adore wagering on them. Gamers can celebrate victories, exchange ideas, and converse in real-time chat rooms.

There are many different themes in these game shows. It can take the shape of a wheel of fortune where you get paid for landing on particular wheel segments, or it might be a board game or TV-themed game show. To boost player engagement, some have improved gamification features and mini-games.

A few well-known game programs are Boom City, Extra Chill Epic Spins, Funky Time Live, and Monopoly Big Baller.

Bingo/Keno Lottery

These are easy games designed for the casual player. Like lottery, bingo involves players purchasing a ticket with a predetermined set of numbers written amid blank squares. Players strike the numbers off their tickets when the bankers call them out. The stake pool is won by the first players to hit certain number patterns. There are four possible pattern types: diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and straight. 40-ball and 80-ball bingo are two variations.

Bingo and keno are comparable, but keno moves more quickly. After purchasing the Keno slips, players select any number between 1 and 80 based on their preferences. They would make payments based on the figures they choose. Depending on how many matches there are on their keno slip, the players win when the dealer pulls the numbers.

Crash Games

The Aviator crash game must have been all the rage. When it comes to popularity, Crash games are at the top. One reason for this is that they are very easy to understand and yield results quickly.

The x and y coordinates of an axis are used in the design of Crash games. Between these locations, an item climbs; the height it reaches determines the stake multiplier you receive.

An airplane, a helicopter, or a supersonic aircraft are frequently utilized as the main object in crash games that have an aviation theme. The thing can crash or detonate at any time, which is the catch. Gamers who concurrently place two bets will be awarded according to the multiplier they attain before the game collapses.

The thrilling aspect is that players have to timing when to cash out. Players in well-known crash games like Jetx, Cricket X, Space XY, and others risk losing all of their wagers if they don’t cash out on time.

Dice Games

Dice Games

Once more, these are straightforward games in which the outcome of the throw of the dice determines your winning number. Popular dice games like Sic Bo and Craps are available in live casinos.

Played on the sum that appears on the faces of three dice rolled simultaneously, Sic Bo is a modified version of the classic Chinese game Grand Hazard. Depending on the variation they are playing, players can place big or small bets, specific triples, any triples, doubles bets, and so on.

Similar to this, but with two dice, is craps. The possibility of numerous rolls before the winner is determined encourages more strategy. In craps, players can wager money against the bank or each other.

Arcade Games

Casual players might also enjoy arcade games. For gamers who prefer not to play casino games with intricate features and strategy, these are perfect. They have straightforward gameplay and cover a wide range of themes. A few well-liked arcade games are Mines, Plinko, Slingo, Street Fighter, Cool Buck, and Thimbles.

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